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Pastor Johnson's 4th Sunday Message (7/27/2014)

Posted by: Shirley Smith on Mon, Jul 28, 2014

"Christian Growth"

Pastor Johnson’s message came from Hebrews 6:1-8, 2 Peter 2:20-21, Matthew 10:37-40, and 1 John 4: 13-21.  The topic was “Christian Growth” with the following sub topics:

“Maturing in Christ”

We have heard the Word so let us start living it. Let us go unto perfection. You must be baptized. There is a resurrection of the dead and if you are not of Christ, you will go into judgment. You must break every chain of wrongdoing (sins) to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is impossible for those who were once enlightened and made partakers of the Holy Ghost to continue with sins. This will put God to shame. If you continue to sin (bear thorns and briers), God will reject you.

“Lest We Fail”

If you have escaped the sins of the world and gain knowledge of the Lord and went back into the world of sin; it would be worse than before. Once you have broken the chain of life; don’t go back to it. Put your trust in Jesus.

 “To Love Jesus”

You must love Jesus more than Father, Mother, or children. If you do not love Jesus more, you are not worthy of Jesus. If you love Jesus, you will love others unconditionally. If you lose your life for Jesus’ sake, you will find life. Love Jesus above anything else.

“To Love Others”

Jesus came to save the world from sin. If we love Jesus; we love God. Those who dwell in love dwell in God. The word of God teaches us what is right and what is wrong. The word of God unlocked those chains in our life. Love is the key to Christianity and spiritual maturity. He that loves God loves his brother also.

Please read the scriptures and be blessed!

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