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Posted by: Shirley Smith on Mon, Dec 28, 2015


Pastor Johnson’s message came from Psalm 103:8-14, Ephesians 2:1-8, and Romans 12:1-2. The topic was “Grace and Mercy” with the following sub topics:

“Showing Us Mercy”

The Lord is merciful. He will not always be angry. He will forgive all of our sins if we are willing to repent. We should fear and be in awe of God. If we did not fear God, we would do anything. Once we repent, God will remove our transgressions from us. We must far God and know He is God. He pitied them who fear Him. No matter what you have done, God is willing to forgive us. He recognizes we are humans and subject to make mistake. God shows us mercy.

“Giving Us Grace”

We all have sinned and fallen short of God. We thought we were living but we were dead. When you are disobedient to God’s word, you belong to Satan. Satan owns you. The flesh tells you to do anything that feels good. Do not give into the flesh. The flesh will kill you. By grace you are saved because God sent his only son. Grace is free; you cannot buy it. You just have to accept it. God looked past our faults, and gave us His Son with grace to help us overcome because we needed help.

“We Showing Gratitude”

How do you show gratitude? God begs you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice. You do this by putting sin down. God wants your body to be holy and acceptable unto God. Do not be changed by this world; but by the renewing of your mind. God’s words can renew your minds. It is God’s will that is acceptable. Put on your cross of righteousness and follow God. Store your treasures in Heaven and not on earth.

Please read the scriptures and be blessed!


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