Posted by: Shirley Smith on Tue, May 26, 2015:

"The Sickle and the Grapes"

Pastor Johnson’s sermon came from John 15:1-12, Hebrews 4:12-13, Revelation 14:11-20 and Revelation 19:15-21. The topic was “The Sickle and the Grapes” with the following subtopics:

 “The Connection”

Jesus is the Vine and God is the Vine Dresser or Husbandman. As a Christian it is our responsibility to grow in Christ. As you grow in Christ, and get an understanding; purge things that are not right. God will help you and you can then pray for others. You must understand the Bible to get clean. Without Jesus, you cannot do anything. You must abide in Jesus. If you do not abide in Jesus, you are cast forth and are withered. When you acquire Jesus, there are certain things we will not do. Jesus commandment is we love one another as He has loved us. The connection is if you abide in God and God abide in you; you are connected to the vine.


“The All Knowing God”

If the Word say something to you and you know you are not doing right; the Word should cut you and make you want to do right thing or change what you are doing. The Word of God is powerful and is like a two-edged sword. God know your heart and thoughts at all times. Listen to the Word of God.


 “The Gathering”

Those who miss the mark of Jesus will have no rest day. God is concern with your inside. If you are still living in sins, you are marked by Satan and on your way to Hell. Those who have abided in God and stay connected to the vine and following God’s commandment are blessed and will die in the Lord. The Lord is reaping those who belong to him every day. An angel (Satan) used his sickle and gathers them and suppresses them in the winepress of the wrath of God. They were killed. Are you going to obey the commandments of God and go to Heaven or be disobedient and suffer in the winepress?


“The Separation”

You have to have a standard. God has a standard and He is not going to lower His standards. There is a war going on for your soul. Satan is working every day to win your soul. There are false prophets and images (material things) we worship. The Word of God is very demanding and cutting. We are to obey His words. The Word of God is designed to change your thinking so you can control the inside and follow him. We are to have honor, integrity and moral standards.

Please read the scriptures and be blessed!

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